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MRG consultancy was created to assist travel companies through the transition from travel agents to travel management companies profitably.

Most travel companies do not have the resources of other commercial enterprises and the small profit margins afforded means that the areas of expertise they would like to employ, are not always possible to afford.

MRG has specialised in offering an all round travel management consultancy service to those who require professional expertise or advice as and when required. This service has enable travel companies the luxury of being able to shop when required for particular elements of business expertise without the need for full time employment in any particular area and takes advantage of the latest market place developments. Experts who have majored in the business of travel management and added the acumen and development skills to take companies into the 21st century.

The consultancy has enabled directors and managing directors who have needed guidance to seek unbiased and non conflicting advice. Adding value and commercial skills associated with challenges the ever changing environment of the travel industry has thrown in their path, supplying benefits and opportunities to their already existing business successfully.



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